Photo exhibition opens at Katuaq Greenland Cultural Centre

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I’m proud to announce that tomorrow, discount 14 October, the traveling exhibition ‘Ocean Fishing — Six Trips on the North Atlantic’ will open at Katuaq Greenland Cultural Centre. I have great memories of my trip to Greenland in 2006 when I went on board the trawler Nanoq Trawl, which is owned by Polar Seafood, to document shrimping off the coast of Greenland.

Cold water shrimp live on soft bottoms at depths mostly from 150 to 500 m, at temperatures around one centigrade. Their development and growth is relatively slow; change from male to female only takes place after the age of 4 or 5. The world‘s largest retailer of cold water shrimp is Royal Greenland, owned by Greenland’s Government. Shrimp account for over fifty percent of Greenland‘s exports with halibut, crab and cod making up the rest.

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