It’s now the Icelandic capital’s turn

It’s now the Icelandic capital’s turn to host the exhibition “Sjómennska í Norðurhöfum — sex túrar á skipum frá Íslandi, Færeyjum, Grænlandi og Hjaltlandseyjum” (At Sea in the Northern Oceans — Six Trips on Fishing Vessels from Iceland, Faroe, Greenland, and Shetland). The combination of choosing the Seamen’s Day, the 5th of June, for the official opening proved very successful.

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Borne out of the old Icelandic tradition of Seamen’s Day, the updated Festival of the Sea is a celebration that honors the many Icelanders who make a living from the ocean. Some of the most popular events included fishing, swimming, sailing and rowing competitions which are hotly contested by a mix of locals and visitors. There were many other events such as arts and crafts activities, food fairs and live musical performances.

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