“Maria’s photos give a nostalgic kick in my heart”

“Maria’s photos give a nostalgic kick in my heart and provoke a longing for my good old days on the seven seas,” the Faroese member of parliament Mr. Tórbjörn Jacobsen said in his opening speech for the exhibition “Havfiske – seks ture på Nordatlanten” (Ocean Fishing – Six Trips on the North Atlantic) at the Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen.

The 22 May opening was attended by mostly Danish and Faroese visitors, including Mr. Herálvur Joensen and Mr. Árni Olafsson of the Representation Office of the Faroes in Copenhagen, Mr. Ásmundur Guðjónsson of the Nordic Council in Copenhagen, and Nanna Hermansson, of the Swedish Faroese Society.

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Mr. Jacobsen continued: “The countries in the West region of Scandinavia have in many ways a special relationship to the ocean. In the whole human being, physically, mentally, religiously and socially vibrations are formed in relationship to the outside power [i.e. that of the ocean] – for good and bad.”

He added “Maria Olsen is well familiar with these circumstances and in her blood there runs a fisherman with rich streams of saltwater. The catalyst for all in this region… That is why I suppose the ocean has attracted her genetic heritage and antennae to these, in every sense of the word, fantastic cavalcade about fishermen’s life on the North Atlantic. Here we enter a sphere, the collision where man and nature almost merge into one and the same…”

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