Latest issue of FNI

Latest issue of Fishing News International: “A husband and wife team based in Aberdeen, view health on Scotland’s west coast, have some unique perspectives on the fishing industry. Faroese-born Bui Tyril is a writer and former journalist who grew up around fisheries and has looked in detail at the way the fishing industry is portrayed. Maria Olsen, who hails from Sweden, is an acclaimed photographer at home on the deck of a longliner as at the end of a fashion show catwalk. Her book ‘Images of Fishermen’ took her to sea on a variety of Faroese,Icelandic, Scottish and Greenlandic fishing vessels to collect an array of striking images that are also the subject of a successful travelling exhibition. Together they run the media company, based between the Faroes and Aberdeen, concentrating on PR and publishing with a strong slant towards the fishing industry.”

About Maria

Photojournalist, emphasis on photography that communicates compellingly, pictures that stand out, stories that matter.
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