Tórshavn’s Nordic House successfully hosted final show

The period of middle of March to April 2011 the exhibition “Ocean Fishing — Six Trips on the North Atlantic” was held at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands. Thereby this traveling exhibition has reached its final destination after having started off in the summer of 2008 in Stockholm, before going to Copenhagen and Esbjerg in 2009, and to Reykjavík and Nuuk in 2010. The Nordic House is a marvelous piece of architecture and the photos were placed very nicely with daylight coming through the outer glass walls of the building.

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A sizable blend of people from all walks of life — fishermen, actors, artists, businesspeople, and more — had gathered for the grand opening in the Faroese capital Tórshavn. A duo fom Fuglafjørður consisting of Niels Midjord and Petur Jacob Eliasen performed during the event to make the atmosphere extra special, singing traditional Faroese tunes in the style known as Kingo.

Everybody I spoke to were very pleased with the exhibition and many visitors continue to visit the exhibition the remainder of the four weeks.

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